Benefit hold for employees who mislaid their jobs after South Austin coffee emporium closes unexpectedly

Some 21 people are though jobs tonight after a South Austin coffee emporium sealed a doors.

Posted:Jan 22 2017 09:05PM CST

Updated:Jan 22 2017 09:28PM CST

Some 21 people are though jobs after a South Austin coffee emporium sealed a doors, unexpectedly. Employees of “Strange Brew” pronounced in a center of a day business were kicked out and a doors were locked. Without an reason for a closing, employees pronounced they were left in a dark, with bounced paychecks and no jobs.

Ben Brockman was one of a former employees and has worked for a coffee emporium for some-more than dual years. “I consider it has something to do with expanding unequivocally fast and it kind of hold adult to them,” he said. “At a finish a checks started bouncing and afterwards yeah, it only ended. Since no one knew, no one’s been means to ready for it unequivocally well.”

Rose Horvath pronounced “Strange Brew was her go to coffee shop. “They only see me and they palm me my coffee,” But detriment of a business shutting is opposite for her, “They’re buildings though a employees are a ones who done this happen, they were a lifeline, they’re a ones that dedicated their time, their suggestion and unequivocally done a connectors happen.” She pronounced she had to do something for a employees. Horvath along with some of a musicians came together, and orderly a fundraising eventuality that was hold during Donn’s Depot in Downtown Austin.  “It’s what we do when there’s a need. All we have to do is make a phone call and it spreads like wildfire since that’s what we do here, we support any other,” she said

Usually sealed on Sunday, a bar non-stop their doors with staff and musicians all volunteering their time.
Donn Adelman is a owners of Donn’s Depot, “They indispensable a place to do it and we are large adequate to hoop a throng that’s come and we have a song venue too. a friends assisting friends,” he said.

Brockman pronounced he’s never felt so upheld by a village before, “It inspires everybody to indeed commend that there are people who caring and that they can still do something to pierce brazen from here,” he said.

Donations from a eventuality will be separate between a employees left though a job.

They also have a GoFundMe for a employees.

Fox 7 reached out to “Strange Brew” by email and phone to respond, though have nonetheless to hear back.