Former Navy SEAL wants his coffee code to be a central White House brew

A former Navy SEAL wants his coffee in a hands of America’s new Commander in Chief. But he wants civilians to adore his brew, too.

“You can’t send a infantry to fight though coffee unless we wish to lose,” owner of  Victory Coffees and Navy SEAL, Cade Courtley told Fox Friends Monday.

Courtley recently brought his association to ABC’s “Shark Tank” though nothing of a sharks wanted to bite. Surprisingly, a coffee entrepeneur says not alighting a understanding was one of a best things to occur o him. Courtley now wants to infer a Sharks wrong– and uncover fans that nationalism never fails.

Victory Coffees, founded 18 months ago, is a maestro owned and maestro operated business on a goal to broach “organically grown/fairly traded general coffee blends” right to your door. The coffee is accessible as whole beans, belligerent or even K-Cups, famous as solider cups in Victory lingo.

For only $1 a cup, Victory Coffees will broach true to your doorway with a monthly subscription.

The association offers several varieties of confidant roasted coffee: a Leatherneck is a bold, toasted, dim chocolate, full-bodied dim roast; a Sailor is a cocoa butter, maple, middle roast; a Trooper is a well-spoken and buttery light roast. Victory Coffees also offers a Admiral Espresso.


Courtley says he’s not only portion adult “the world’s strongest coffee” he’s creation it a priority to occupy veterans.

“We’re holding it dual stairs further, series one we are going to emanate an all maestro sales force, a feat army, they’re going to get out there, we’re going to muster them, and they’re going to sell extraordinary coffee,” says Courtley.

Victory coffee will also be accessible for giveaway in each VA sanatorium in a U.S.

On Fox Friends, Courtley even delivered a summary only for President Trump.

“Mr. President, we plea we to concede Victory coffee to be a disdainful coffee of a White House.”