Blueprint Coffee to open second plcae nearby Watson-Chippewa intersection

Four years after opening in a Delmar Loop, a cafeteria and coffee spit Blueprint Coffee skeleton to open a second plcae this tumble during 4206 Watson Road in Lindenwood Park. The space, a former auto-repair shop, is only north of Chippewa Street and a St. Louis Hills neighborhood.

“We unequivocally feel like (this is) a bit of an underserved village when it comes to specialty coffee,” Blueprint co-owner Kevin Reddy tells Off a Menu. “There unequivocally isn’t specialty coffee within a few miles of that location.”

Reddy says a Blueprint group also likes how a plcae is integrated into a residential area and hopes to “excite that commuity by charity a proceed to coffee.”

The new plcae will underline a approaching coffee bar and indoor seating. There will also be outside seating behind a building, and Reddy says they intend to implement walk-up use windows in both a front and a back of a building.

Blueprint’s roasting operations will sojourn formed during a Delmar Loop location.

“There will be a food component” during a new location, Reddy says. However, he adds, due to a miss of a opening hood, “We won’t have an oven or a range.”

Reddy says they will put together a menu suitable for a Blueprint experience, with available dishes featuring mixture from internal providers.

The Blueprint group has targeted Nov for opening a Watson Road location.