Lady Falcon Coffee Club Offers a Glimpse Into a Spirit of San Francisco

When Buffy Maguire motionless to start roasting coffee, she’d always get a same greeting from her manly counterparts: “Oh, we don’t wish to do that, it’s a unwashed job.” It didn’t seem to matter to them that she has owned 3 cafes with her father in a Outer Sunset given a late 90s. Luckily, what they pronounced didn’t matter most to her either.

“I couldn’t know given we wouldn’t wish to fry my possess beans. As a owners of mixed coffee shops, it done clarity for me though there was this arrogance that given I’m a woman, we wouldn’t wish to get my hands dirty,” Maguire says while display off a bake on her forearm from a coffee spit with that she’s been roasting her possess beans given 2008.

The Coffee

Maguire motionless to make a tie between what she was doing out by a beach and a rest of a city’s coffee drinkers. She started small, roasting beans for what would turn a Lady Falcon Coffee Club and sole them in pastel pinkish bags during Beachside Café, a pour-over usually coffeeshop that she owns with her husband.

Simone Anne Courtesy of Lady Falcon Coffee Club

Buffy Maguire
Simone Anne Courtesy of Lady Falcon Coffee Club

The roasts have upbeat names to accompany Maguire’s personal approach. Attagirl is a fry named after her grandmother, Kitty O’Shea, a initial era American and Mission proprietor who used a word as a tenure of endearment. The roast’s outline reads: “Atta Girl is now in a Webster Dictionary— doctrine learned: if we hang around prolonged enough, we turn noteworthy, maybe even legendary.”

The brand’s solemnly designed coffee bags mount out among a sea of brownish-red bags and wood-heavy manly interiors of a city’s coffee shops and for Maguire, that preference was intentional. “Advertising used to be unequivocally pretty, it would roughly be a square of art that you’d pierce home from a store,” says Maguire. “I wanted to go behind to that given it seemed like a good approach to prominence a indulgence of coffee and a colorful flavors that we can find in any cup.”

The Truck

Maguire’s thought for a coffee lorry had been simmering for a while, though her ideal car — a VW outpost — valid unreal for a task. While visiting a crony in a East Bay, she beheld a wheel-less, shabby 1948 GMC bread lorry in a parking lot of his business: Its owners had parked it there until he could get it adult and using as a coffee truck. When that owners motionless to pierce out of state he listed a lorry on Craigslist; she done a call to her crony and bought it on a spot.

Simone Anne Courtesy of Lady Falcon Club

She and a organisation of artists and mechanics during Helcam Vintage Motors, a replacement and alteration emporium for selected cars in West Oakland, renovated and easy a truck, branch it into a rarely Instagrammable mobile coffee operation. They popped a tip off so baristas could absolutely mount inside, combined a holder that expands a lorry when it’s open for business, afterwards contracts it when it’s on a move, and combined windows to let in healthy light, amplified by a truck’s seafoam immature interior.

The Name

Like a truck, a name is an attention-grabber. According to Maguire, it is a salute to a Outer Sunset of a 1860s, when a area was only silt dunes filled with aged railcars that a city had dumped in preference of electric wire cars. Mayor Sutro incited a area into “Carville-by-the-Sea” and rented a cars to internal artists and creatives who combined a arrange of beachside bohemia.

Falcons Women’s Bicycling Club during Carville by a Sea
Found SF/Shaping San Francisco

One of a cars was assigned by a “Falcon Ladies Bicycling Club,” a organisation of free-spirited women who found leisure both by a beach and on wheels. Inspired by their persistence and looking to plea coffee’s repute as a male-dominated field, Maguire took a suggestion of a Falcon Ladies and utterly literally rolled with a idea.

Now a lorry is parked 3 days per week alongside Alamo Square in transparent perspective of a Painted Ladies — a ideal pairing. The primary traveller plcae allows Maguire to perform her strange devise of bringing a beach to a rest of a city.

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“We’re honoring a story and pity a tiny partial of it with a business in approach that’s receptive and but a due and danger that we infrequently find with coffee enlightenment in a city.”

You can find a Lady Falcon truck during Alamo Square each Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. or this weekend during Outside Lands where they’ll be portion adult mochas done with homemade ganache and their signature drink, a Pink Crush: dusty coffee cherry skins (cascara) steeped with hibiscus.