The Marcus Lemonis-Backed Coffee Shop is Open in Wicker Park

The coffeeshop from TV horde Marcus Lemonis finally non-stop Monday morning in Wicker Park. Red Beard Coffee Traders was a theme of Lemonis’s TV uncover The Profit and non-stop a doors during 1948 W. North Avenue inside a space that was once earmarked for Bow Truss Coffee. Bow Truss owner Phil Tadros hoped to partner with Lemonis.

The partnership never got off a belligerent and lawsuits were filed, and accusations were made. Lemonis took over a North Avenue space from Bow Truss and set out to open a coffeeshop with a new partner. He recruited Bodhi Leaf Coffee Traders out of Southern California and had a company’s owner and other group members seem on his CNBC existence radio show. They’ve rebranded for a Midwest and offer their possess coffee roasts, pastries. and smoothies.

Lemonis pronounced they’ve sealed leases for some-more stores. He wouldn’t divulge any addresses, though pronounced they could open 12 some-more Red Beards over a march of a subsequent 12 months in Chicago and a suburbs. The coffeeshop done a opening announcement around Facebook. Chicago Pipeline owner and ex-DNAinfo contributor Alisa Hauser first beheld a opening. They’ve got room for 30 seats with dual coffee bars. They still have to put adult some art, though they’ve left for an industrial feel with unprepared petrify piping and more. They also have giveaway WiFi.

Lemonis believes Red Beard will be successful in Chicago’s rival coffee climate: “We are literally a people that source a coffee of many places we might know in Chicago,” Lemonis said.

Bodhi’s Steve Sims is using a Chicago operation for Lemonis. Sims farms coffee from Ethiopia, Colombia, Brazil, Panama, “literally anywhere that grows coffee.” They have a Probat coffee spit on site, and will eventually fry coffee for a shop, Sims said. For now, they’re bringing in roasts from California. They usually use specialty coffees.

“It’s zero though a best in a cafe,” pronounced Sims, who runs 4 Bodhi Leaf cafes in California.

Meanwhile, a Bow Truss during 406 N. Wells Street in River North recently closed. That leaves usually one Bow Truss location, 190 S. LaSalle Street in a Loop, left open. Tadros pronounced that a shutting was planned, as a Wells Street building is shortly to be gutted. That plcae is where former Bow Truss workers fabricated outward and hold a news discussion in Feb to announce they were suing Tadros over final wages.

When told Bow Truss is usually down to one shop, Lemonis deadpanned: “Hopefully he’s still profitable his bills.”

Regardless of Bow Truss’s future, a swarming Wicker Park/Bucktown coffee stage (Wormhole, Gallery Cafe, Filter, Haven Lounge, Starbucks, and Fairgrounds Coffee and Tea, Goddess Grocer, Le Colombe ) has a new addition. The initial Red Beard Coffee Traders is now open.

Red Beard Coffee Traders, 1948 W. North Avenue, (714) 633-2326, open 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily