Ian Williams of Deadstock Coffee: The Sprudge Interview

Ian Williams worked his approach adult from janitor to shoe engineer during Nike, afterwards left it all to start his dream cafe: Deadstock Coffee, a heart of Portland pattern talent and informative force located in a city’s Old Town district. Self-described as “snob-free coffee,” a singular using mantra drives Deadstock: “Coffee Should Be Dope.”

It’s a view that’s tough to disagree with, and a coffee—roasted by Williams himself, during Portland co-roaster trickery of note Buckman Coffee Factory—is indeed delicious. A pointy concentration on accessibility runs via a menu, that includes residence specials like a “Lebronald Palmer” (a mix of coffee, honeyed tea, and lemonade) and a “Charged Up” (green coffee remove and Green season Kool-Aid). “I don’t unequivocally do light roast,” Williams tells me over a mop in a shop’s bustling entryway. “I usually wish to make good, even, mellow coffees.”

Conversations here are punctuated by greetings, departures, and infrequent updates from regulars, creation for a space that feels alive with vibe and using dialogue. People speak to any other during Deadstock. A white residence subsequent to a income register annals a day’s specials, a stream soundtrack, and what a staff is wearing on their feet. You wish to demeanour good arrangement adult here, in a low pivotal way. Come wearing something we like—a span of shoes, or a coat, or a cold t-shirt—and Williams and his group are firm to notice, and use it to burst off a conversation.

Making a LeBronold Palmer.

Over a array of visits for this essay we meet, in no sole order, mixed internal artists, writers, internal coffee heads, a personality of a area council, a landlord, a barista’s dad, several other stylish Portlanders of a artistic extraction, and Williams’ possess mother, who bakes a shop’s mascot pastry: Butterscotch Trap Cake. It is a riff on poundcake, tea cake-like fritter of textual duality, with a crunchy tip and deeply gratifying golden base. (You competence be asked to confirm between an finish square and a centerpiece. There is no wrong answer.)  There are typically during slightest 3 to 5 designers in a emporium during any time, easy to mark by a stickers on their laptops and two-at-a-screen upsurge of revolving meetings. More work gets finished in this space than usually about any other venue in town, including tangible offices. The song is always good.

Coffee fuels it all, though in a pointed way—you don’t have to know all about coffee to feel good here. It is positively distinct any other cafeteria in Portland right now. we meant that as a compliment.

Inside Deadstock Coffee

There is a seamless consistent of coffee and sneaker cultures, that feels free in Williams’ hands, though is a things a thousand pattern decks are finished of. What they’ve found during Deadstock is an countenance of a cafeteria space as a singular statement, a passage for a singular particular voice, rarer than any ungettable nanolot Gesha. Indeed, any day to a dedicated business in a heart of Portland’s oldest neighborhood, Deadstock is sourcing and portion a scarcest of coffee line in 2018: originality.

I spoke with Ian Williams about his time during Nike, how he parlayed that into starting Deadstock, and a shop’s low dais of influences and collaborators. “It’s about a people in here,” he tells me, and as if on reserve another unchanging walks by a door. We’re introduced, we shake hands. The review grows.

This speak has been edited and precipitated for clarity. 

Ian Williams

Ian Williams: Hey, this is nice! [Points to my shirt] This is from Patta, and we got a Coq Sportif‘s on…

Jordan Michelman: Thank you. we feel like we have to demeanour cold entrance in here. 

Yeah, we like that. That knowledge and people chilling is some-more critical to me than what goes into a cup—which is opposite from what we guys customarily cover on Sprudge—but hopefully what does goes into a crater here is fire.

Who embellished this Charlie Brown stage on a door? 

That’s a “Trappy Christmas” display, embellished by a brothers, Connor and Chandler Radonich. It’s got Joe Budden, Lil Yachty, Migos, Kodak Black—rappers as Charlie Brown characters.

“Trappy Christmas” on a front door.

How did we accommodate a brothers? 

I’ve famous them given they were 13, 14—their mom would dump them off during Index and we would be like, okay, we’re obliged for these kids. They were always kids that had a lot of questions. And one day they came in here, doing work for Compound opposite a street, and they came in and pronounced they wanted to learn how to design, and so we said, if we work with me and do pattern work with me I’ll learn we how to do illustrator and photoshop—I’ll assistance we get to prolongation prepared work. Now they’re 18, they started when they were 17, and this is all they do now. They’re even starting to do pattern work for other coffee companies. We wish to do bone-head things with a friends. That’s all that unequivocally matters.

When did we initial pierce into this space? 

February 2016. This is a aged 24 Hour Church of Elvis. The landlord of this building is a same man who owns a building that Compound is in, and during first, we were looking during a space right subsequent doorway to Compound, though that space is like 3,00-square-feet, and a landlord pronounced no. But he saw that we was operative towards something and he had a suspicion to open something in this space. So we took it, finished it larger—part of it was a hallway, partial a garage—and we finished it one space.

He was usually like super helpful, a landlord, his name is David Gold and he’s unequivocally accommodating. All a people in all a buildings he owns are good people. He’s unequivocally about assisting out artists and people who wanted to do good things for a city and village and culture. It’s flattering cool.

Barista and engineer Connor Radonich updating a menu.

Tell us a story about your time during Nike. 

I settled during Nike in 2006, operative sell in their worker store, and left after a holidays were over, though it finished me comprehend we wanted to do sneakers as my life, not usually as a hobby. Growing up, we was a large Allen Iverson fan—still am—and whatever new shoe he had entrance out, we had to have it. we would get one new span of boots a year, and that new shoe would be my propagandize shoe, and a aged shoe would be my play shoe. we grew adult out in a Hillsborough/Beaverton area, and Nike was right there.

I was perplexing to figure out how to get behind in and found a temp pursuit creation airbags—you know, a atmosphere units that go in a shoes. They indeed make ‘em here and boat ‘em abroad and afterwards they get put in a shoes. It was a misfortune pursuit ever. But afterwards we found out about this janitor pursuit on a Nike campus, and we knew we would be seen. So we took it, and usually kind of ran from there.

How did we make a burst from janitor to designer?

Well, we worked as a janitor initial for like 3 years, before we found out about an open engineer job. At that point, we had finished friends with a lot of people. Those 3 years as a janitor, we used it as my college—I didn’t go to college—but we worked my by Nike, seeking questions, entrance in early, giving myself a table in a hallway, whatever dispatch things we could do. If a engineer indispensable a closet reorganized, we was there. People who saw me during a day had no suspicion we wasn’t in footwear. Most people suspicion we already worked in footwear, though during night we was a janitor—most people didn’t see that part.

My whole Nike career was like one big, well-spoken stretched truth. You know, like, someone asking, “Ian, we know how to do that?”—hey, of march we do! [texting motion] Meanwhile I’m Googling on a side…

After we advanced, what was your favorite partial of operative in footwear? 

Well, we got to do some cold things there. we indeed got to pattern a shoe. It’s a Nike SB, desirous by a soppy building sign, a sleazy sign. The guys who worked in skate, we said, “Let me do a shoe” and presented them with a 3 pack, all desirous by operative as a janitor. There was a soppy building pointer shoe, a windex shoe, and a opening shoe. They picked adult a building sign.

The “wet building sign” Nike shoe designed by Ian Williams.

How many did they make? 

They did 5000 pairs—they’re starting to collect adult in value now actually. It’s since I’m famous (just kidding)—you know, for many of a pairs, people bought them and kick ‘em up, though there’s a few left that demeanour nice. My remuneration was they gave me twenty pairs, and we gave ‘em out to people along a way, people we had asked pattern questions, or people who let me do things like purify closets or have that table in a hallway. we have usually dual pairs left now.

When did coffee come into your life? 

In maybe late 2013, or 2014. Nike was cold and all, though we started removing kind of nervous with a approach that all was going. It was usually super…structured. we suspicion once we got into boots it would be some-more laid behind and about a people, though around that time we started curating these art shows, doing side events, mouth-watering my homies to put art adult for it. we wanted to do events and put a code together for a character of chilling that wasn’t work. We had finished like three events, a residence party, a integrate of tiny things—single day pop-up events—and that was unequivocally a lot of work. we started to consider like, maybe we should open a gallery… though galleries don’t make money. What creates money? Coffee shops.

A coffee emporium is a place we can go where we can have a meeting, have an interview, go on a date, locate adult with somebody, lay by yourself, get work done, go with a group—I wanted to emanate a place where it’s fine to loiter. You can’t do that in a shoe store. The usually other thing was a bar or a club, though that excludes immature people, and if we wish a boots attention to flower we need to give immature people entrance to it.

Williams behind a bar.

From there, how did we make a preference to get into roasting? Was it an cultured preference or some-more practical?

I usually started roasting Feb of this year. we started out with Dapper Wise—I have a coach from high propagandize who is unequivocally tighten with those guys, and they’re from Hillsborough. I didn’t unequivocally splash coffee when this space opened! But we have a crony named Sarah Cooley—we call her Breezy—and she LOVES coffee. In a early days she would go with me to try coffee places. She was a one who helped me with Dapper Wise, and they’re cold people, their coffee is good. They non-stop a new trickery in Hillsborough with let space and she was assisting them bond with Nike and reason meetings there.

At a finish of 2016, commencement 2017 we had all that bad continue here in Portland, and a business forsaken like a entertain of what we’re doing. Right before a holidays we systematic a garland of coffee to give out as present kits to influencers and what not, though afterwards a continue strike and we wasn’t means to compensate dapper, and so a usually thing we unequivocally could do was start a new comment or figure out a roasting thing and compensate for it as we go. Buy green, compensate hourly, figure it out, and use a income it would beget to compensate Dapper back.

So it was not your dream to be a roaster?

I pronounced we would never roast! But in all probity I’m unequivocally competitive. we said, if I’m gonna do it, I’ll be unequivocally good during it. I’m not endangered during being a biggest though we don’t wish it to be something where like, yeah, a coffee is okay. we wish people to like it. My whole coffee roasting indication is “coffees that work”—nothing that fights with milk, zero that’s going to spin people away. we usually wish to make good, even, mellow coffees, roasted middle to dark. we don’t unequivocally do light roast.

How would we report a pattern feel of this cafe? 

I consider many coffee shops are an interior pattern competition. If we are a coffee emporium in Portland, and this is no diss on anybody involved, though if we don’t use Bee Local Honey and Jacobson Sea Salt and Woodblock Chocolate and a lot of these other companies, and your walls aren’t white with a crazy looking espresso machine, and we aren’t personification super mellow whatever music, we don’t fit in a coffee universe here. But we don’t like any of that. That’s not for me.

I usually really… we know, a lot of a reason since we non-stop a coffee emporium was since we didn’t feel gentle in all these other places. we wanted to hang out with my friends who changed to Adidas or Under Armour, and there was nowhere we could hang out during a day that wasn’t alcohol, and we don’t drink. we felt like—to me, all these coffee shops suck, and so instead of angry we finished one. A place where we would feel good, my homies would feel good, and other people would feel good. When people come in, we make them feel good—even to usually be like “wassup?”, that feels good. And we will fun on you, many definitely. If we’re not joking it’s uncanny in here. A lot of people report us as like a high propagandize bedroom, with posters and things like that, and there’s so many people that come by and they’re like, “Whoa, we used to have that poster,” or “I never suspicion of such-and-such art this way.”

It’s such an insinuate space, and everybody is everybody’s friend. We bank on business meaningful any other. It’s a tiny space. If you’re watchful in line we aren’t twiddling your thumbs. Customers unequivocally know people’s kids, and we know like, somebody maybe usually had a pursuit interview, or whatever, and we all speak about it. It’s about a people in here.

Deadstock Coffee candle.

You still have a gallery member to a space right? 

Yes! We have a uncover from a homie Nate Corrado, who still works for Adidas. We stagger a uncover out any month or two. The one we did for Sneaker Week was unequivocally popular—we took boots and cut them open, deconstructed them, so people can know and see inside. We always see boots as what we buy and what comes in a box, though we never see a components of what they are. So instead of usually putting colorways on a wall, we wanted to do some-more education. The subsequent partnership facilities a coffee bag, a shirt, a mug, and vinyl toys all finished together with an artist— he’ll paint a walls and everything—from an artist I’ve been following for many years named Perez Westbrooks, who goes by Gaijin.

Sleeves “for baby hands.”

This cafeteria is a alloy of coffee and sneaker culture. Obviously we sell coffee here—why don’t we sell shoes?

For a integrate of reasons. One, we’re right in a heart of a sneaker village here in Portland, where a sneaker enlightenment lives. Within a few blocks we have Compound (retail), Index (consignment), Unspoken (new and adult and coming), Upper Playground doing travel art t-shirts, and afterwards we have Pensole. The usually sneaker pattern propagandize in a universe is on a other side of this building, run by my coach during Nike. If we sole boots during Deadstock we would be competing with a friends.

The other reason is that in Portland specifically, everybody has entrance to discounts. Nobody pays full price. We would usually be a pointless store here offered pointless product, and Portland can’t support that. There’s a lot some-more tourists entrance now, and some-more people relocating here, though nobody needs anything in a sneaker world. we consider it creates us a some-more authentic space—we’re not a shoe store. We’re a coffee emporium and a village space, and we occur to be critical about shoes.

What’s your sneaker white whale? The sneaker you’ve always wanted to find though have never been means to move home? 

We call ‘em grails, like a Holy Grail. My grails are indeed all comparatively inexpensive compared to many sneakers. They’re boots we really, unequivocally like, though we need to find them for a cost we wish to pay. The boots we adore go for maybe $200 or adult to $500, $600, that is costly though compared to other things in a shoe world? People compensate ten, or even twenty thousand dollars for sneakers all a time.

That’s wild. That’s like booze nerd wild. 

Yes. But so, for me, there’s a Pharrell NERD Dunk that got finished in like ’03, i think, or ’04. It’s an all-black Dunk high with a NERD mind trademark on a heel, and that’s it. we wish them so bad. There’s another span of Dunks called Dinosaur Jr., named after a band, and they’re all china with a purple swoosh and it says “Dinosaur Jr.”—I also wish them so bad.

There’s another shoe called a Ray Gun Home or Ray Gun Away, that is formed on like a illusory basketball group that Nike made.  They did a pair of SB’s, a home color—usually home is light, divided is dark—but they flipped it so home is dark, divided is light. Every time we see them we get really, unequivocally sad—I unequivocally wish those.

And there was another shoe, too, called a Purple Pigeon: all grey, Dunk low, with hints of light purple. Index has a span right now and we pronounced “how much” and they pronounced “$350” and it’s like…well, we would compensate $200, or $250 maybe, though not $350. And we used to possess a pair! we mislaid ‘em. For a longest time, Purple Pigeons were out there going for like ninety bucks. And now, since we wish them, they go for $350. we still look for them when we got to my mom’s house.

These are a boots that are unequivocally critical to me. For other people it competence be like, “Okay, large deal,” though to me it’s like, “Yo, we NEED this.”

What’s subsequent for Deadstock? We listened something about maybe a partnership with Wrecking Ball Coffee down in San Francisco—any other collaborations in a works? 

We’re still perplexing to figure out something with Wrecking Ball. Right now we’re a garland of people who like sneakers and disaster around with this coffee thing. But we know, it’s a review that we always have—we call any other coffee homies. We’re sneaker heads who work in a coffee industry. One of a biggest thing is creation coffee not so pretentious. So for us, it’s about aligning with people who share a sentiment—people who feel gentle with doing an eventuality that’s a small bit different. During Coffee Fest here in Portland there were all these events that are like, coffee triangulations and latte art and stuff, though we did a karaoke celebration instead. Whatever happened to people entrance together and unresolved out?

Whatever we do next, we wish it to be a thoughtfulness of my vision—our vision—and what a village needs, what we feel a village needs. That’s approach some-more critical to me than opening another shop. And even if we were, as we demeanour for opportunities, we know, we feel like we could open out on SE Hawthorne and we would be successful, or in a Pearl, we know, we’re cool, and it would be a bustling space—but what does that village do for us? What are they doing for us? The neighborhood? So creation certain a subsequent place is somewhere we can work together is approach some-more important.

I’ve had offers to be purchased now. One of a initial offers for investment would have compulsory us to open adult in SF first, not Portland. But we couldn’t do that since for this to be a coffee emporium that is sneaker themed and desirous by this culture, we can’t be from somewhere else. This is where a enlightenment is. It’s a sneaker collateral of a world.

Butterscotch trap cake.

And this approach here, your mom can still bake a cake?

Yup, my mom bakes a cake we sell here. Butterscotch Trap Cake. It’s so real.

“Coffee Should Be Dope” outward Deadstock Coffee.

Jordan Michelman is a co-founder and editor during Sprudge Media Network. Read some-more Jordan Michelman on Sprudge. 

Photos by Zachary Carlsen for Sprudge Media Network.