Kitties with a side of coffee: Minneapolis’ initial cat cafeteria opens Friday



In 2014, Danielle Rasmussen – prolonged a cat partner and cat owners – attended a Twin Cities’ annual Cat Video Festival.

So did 10,000 other people.

When Rasmussen listened a numbers, it was a final convincing she needed.

“I thought: ‘The Twin Cities need a cat cafe,’” she said. “The seductiveness was apparently there. That pushed us into critical mode.”

Now, that early prophesy – one she and partner Jessica Burge had already been mulling for months – is finally entrance to fruition. The Cafe Meow, a Twin Cities’ initial cat cafe, is debuting in Uptown with a grand opening on Friday.



“Cats are smashing though people don’t unequivocally have a open place to try that seductiveness or enjoyment,” Rasmussen said. “There are dog parks, and people can move their dogs onto patios and now there are even breweries where people can move them. Cats don’t transport as well, though it’s unequivocally critical for cat people to have a place like this.”

In box you’re wondering because cat people are so ardent about cats anyway, Rasmussen has an easy answer.

“I don’t know, they’re usually so lovable – have we ever looked during one?” she asked.

Consider us soft with kittens.



But a judgment of animals and food/drink as a business plan – a trend that exploded in Japan and has in new years widespread via a U.S. – seems complicated. And smelly?

So how does a cat cafeteria even happen?

Well, rather slowly. First came a conflict for a suitable licensing. Cafe Meow has dual apart licenses: one for a coffeeshop side, that is personal as a restaurant, and one for a cat side – that is distant by walls and a set of double doors, and personal as a pet shop. Rasmussen and Burge also had to acquire a cage permit – and started a village petition to equivocate being personal as an animal shelter, that would have influenced a kind of trickery they could open in.



But a support was clearly there, early. After starting a Facebook page a few years ago, a thought garnered 5,000 likes before Rasmussen and Burge had even found a location. They sealed a franchise during 2323 Hennepin Av. S. in Oct – in a former video diversion store – and a seductiveness has ballooned.

When a cafeteria let a cat out of a bag about a debut, some-more than 9,000 Facebook users voiced seductiveness in a bushy fervor.

Here’s how it works: Cats join a cafeteria from 3 opposite rescue organizations around a Twin Cities. Cafe Meow can take 15 during one time. If cafegoers wish to adopt a cat, Cafe Meow will bond them with a suitable rescue organizations. Cats staying during a cafeteria will live in that space, that is built out with tradition cat furniture, full-time.



“Just consider of us as a encourage home,” Rasmussen said. “We usually wanted to uncover off cats that wouldn’t have a bearing differently and give them a possibility to find a good home.”

Now that’s a Cat’s Meow.

As for the, ahem, spawn boxes, they’ll be dark – inside tradition cubbies that congregation expected won’t notice. The cat-loving baristas will apart their time between operative on a cafeteria side and operative on a cat side.

That means unconditional and mopping pre- and post-shift on a cafeteria side, and, well, cleaning out those spawn boxes on a cat side.



Patrons can squeeze coffee drinks, prohibited teas and fritter equipment in a cafeteria – yes, there will be cat-shaped macarons and cat cupcakes – afterwards take them over to a cat side if they wish, for a price of $10. Since Cafe Meow is usually permitting between 10 to 15 people in a cat room during a singular time, reservations are encouraged. Already, Cafe Meow’s one-hour slots are all sole out for Friday, Saturday and Sunday of this weekend. Some room will be left for a handful of walk-ins.

Of course, there are copiousness of skeptics as well, though Rasmussen and Burge have aptly blocked out a noise.

“If people have a problem with it, they don’t have to come,” she said. “I’m a vegetarian though we don’t go around bashing steakhouses.”

She’s also reiterating that a cafeteria side will demeanour like usually another coffee emporium – a apart business despite with a same name.

“If we usually wish a drink, we don’t have to go to a cat side,” Rasmussen said. “You can usually come in and get a coffee.”


(Photos pleasantness The Cafe Meow)

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