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I’m a cOffEEtArIaN.
All I need to survive is coffee.


Denver coffee emporium wants to be city’s initial authorised pot club

By Kathleen FoodyThe Associated Press DENVER  — Colorado’s largest city is reviewing a initial focus from a business seeking to be among a nation’s initial authorised pot clubs, a step that comes some-more than a year after electorate authorized a bring-your-own pot measure. Dan Rowland, a orator for a Denver dialect that regulates pot businesses, …

Vietnam Coffee Trade Slows as Buyers Bet on Bigger Discounts

Coffee trade is negligence in Vietnam, a tip robusta producer, on expectations that a incomparable collect and changes to a London futures agreement subsequent year will give buyers bigger discounts. Roasters and traders are loitering purchases on bets that a bigger stand now being collected will pull prices lower, according to traders attending a Asia …

"Star Wars" opens tonight, so let’s check in with Alderaan (the coffee shop)

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“It doesn’t matter where you’re from – or how you feel… There’s always peace in a strong cup of coffee.”