Community works to assistance save West Seattle coffee shop

Siemny Kim

Updated: Jan 21, 2018 – 1:51 PM

Nestled off California Avenue SW in this ancestral craftsman home is C P Coffee Company.

“This building is usually so special and so unique,” pronounced C P Coffee owners Cameron Moores.

Since Moores and her husband, Pete, non-stop a coffee emporium 15 years ago, it’s turn some-more than usually a place to squeeze a crater of joe.

Jamieson Morrell has been a unchanging given day one.

“It’s been my home divided from home,” Morrell explained. “Sort of where we come to move friends, colleagues, coworkers and get some work done.”

So when a Moores schooled their landlord had put a skill adult for sale, they knew they had to do something.

As a tenants, a Moores have a right of initial refusal created into their lease.

But with skill billed as a “terrific growth opportunity” online with a $1.25 million dollar cost tag, a Moores knew they couldn’t do it alone.

To their amazement, the village has stepped up.

“We have a GoFundMe page and neighbors as investors who have stepped adult to deposit with us,” Moores said. “This place has turn as critical to them as to my family.”

The Moores have two years left on their lease. 

But they have usually two weeks left to come adult with a cash.

“We’re still not utterly there,” Moores added. “But a fact we could get as tighten as we are — we consider we’re three-quarters of a approach there in a week and a half — is stunning.”

Moores is feeling confident. 

And if they lift off a sale, she says she’s even some-more committed to portion a community.

“It’s been overwhelming. we will be gladdened not usually in a income way, though in a heart approach for a rest of my life,” Moores said. “This knowledge has altered us.”

If we wish to help, revisit this link.


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Drink coffee local, change lives global

Starbucks isn’t a usually coffee you’ll find brewing around Tallahassee these days. RedEye Coffee has brought socially unwavering and environmentally accessible cups of joe to a caffeine driven community.

The brainchild of Dr. Mark McNees, Florida State University’s Entrepreneur in Residence and Director of Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation, RedEye Coffee seeks to yield satisfactory compensate and diagnosis to farmworkers by a company’s purchasing power.

When RedEye began in 2004 a business was operative with a internal spit and donated increase to charity.

“I only wanted to sell coffee in sequence to account internal and tellurian charities we cared about,” pronounced McNees.

After roving to Guatemala and saying a conditions faced by coffee farmers, he satisfied it was time to change.

“I’m shopping this coffee from this region, from these plantations that are exploiting farmers, and afterwards I’m promulgation income behind to Guatemala to assistance bad people. we satisfied ‘This is stupid.’”

In sequence to exercise charitable changes, McNees had to re-evaluate his routine of business while still doing all that a unchanging house does.

RedEye’s critical step was substantiating a pure “farm to cup” supply sequence for coffee, where their beans are purchased from a approach importer. This use allows a association to be wakeful of where and what conditions a beans are entrance from.

To date, RedEye has purchased over $1,000,000 in ethically traded and earth accessible coffee, though a trail of amicable entrepreneurship was not always easy.

“It’s taken a prolonged time for people to understand,” McNees explained. “I would contend Tallahassee started to know what we were doing about 3 years ago.”

Long-lasting commerce and expansions have proven that RedEye is indeed a genuine business with a genuine goal to strew light on an emanate and yield a solution.

“Every crater of coffee RedEye sells is one reduction crater of coffee that a association who does not ethically source their coffee sells. we wish to go head-to-head with Starbucks and other corporations.”

The coffee association has already turn a competition contender on a FSU campus. Sodexo, a new food government company, comparison RedEye to batch coffee in a dining end 1851 and there are skeleton to use a company’s coffee drift for an on-campus herb garden.

Sustainability is a purpose that Sodexo, RedEye, and students comparison are seeking to fill.

“I consider students need to comprehend they’re consumers of FSU and of companies,” speedy McNees. “A lot of times we might feel powerless, though we’re not. Complain and direct better; pronounce up; ask questions.”

As for a coffee farmers, a lot of work still needs to be done. “They’ve warranted their money, only like you’ve warranted your income and I’ve warranted my money… If companies would compensate an additional nickel per bruise of coffee beans, it would radically change a lives of workers. As a amicable businessman we can’t repair all a woes in a world, though we can make a disproportion for a certain organisation of farmers.”

Someday, camp coffee might be an act of a past.

Lake Jackson cops share coffee, conversation

LAKE JACKSON — From questions about a use of lethal force to congratulations on a discerning response time, Lake Jackson military collected during Starbucks on Saturday morning to suffer coffee and review with a public.

Lake Jackson Police Department’s “Coffee with a Cop” eventuality supposing residents an eventuality to accommodate with a group and women tasked with portion and safeguarding a city. The open venue creates officers some-more receptive than in a grave environment such as a military station, Police Chief Rick Park said.

“It creates it easier for people to send a good and bad things,” he said.

Calvin Bedrich follows a Lake Jackson Police Department on Facebook. He was vehement to attend a eventuality when he saw a proclamation posted. Bedrich thinks cops are mistreated infrequently and he wanted to let them know they are appreciated.

“I like to be one some-more chairman that they don’t have to worry about,” Bedrich said.

Although he admits he would be “too scared” to pursue a career in law enforcement, he is unapproachable to support his internal military department.

“They know that 99 out of 100 people are good people,” he said. “Not everybody is opposite law enforcement.”

Park deliberate Saturday morning a success given of a operation of conversations had with village members. This was Lake Jackson Police Department’s initial Coffee with a Cop. Park pronounced he skeleton on doing many some-more and operative with opposite coffee shops.

The law coercion aphorism “to offer and protect” is good known, Park said, adding, “We have to remember to offer as most as we protect.”

Officer Rick Wright pronounced Coffee with a Cop also was a approach to publicize a department’s Citizen Police Academy classes, that have seen dwindling assemblage given they were initial offering in a 1990s.

“We used to cut (the class) off around 25 people. Now we’ll be propitious to have 10 or 12,” Wright said.

According to a department’s website, a Citizen Police Academy is a 30-hour instruction retard meant to give residents an bargain of a middle workings of a military department. Wright pronounced this year’s classes, that take place from 7 to 10 p.m. on Thursday evenings, will start in March.

For information, email or call 979-415-2700.

The 5 Coolest New Coffee Roasteries To Check Out In Chicago – WLS

If you’re meddlesome in new Chicago coffee shops, cruise dropping into one of these 5 new spots. Here are a newest places to check out a subsequent time you’re in hunt of a uninformed brew.

HalfWit Coffee Roasters

3431 W. Fullerton Ave. (between Kimball Ave Bernard St.), Logan Square

Photo: Sarah S./Yelp

Earlier this month, HalfWit Coffee Roasters debuted in Logan Square. The new mark comes from Travis Schaffner, who is also a owners of ’80s-themed coffee emporium Wormhole in Wicker Park.

Similarly, HalfWit has a possess theme: “the Cold War-era space competition between a Americans and Soviets,” Eater reports.

Along with portion coffee and pastries, Halfwit also serves as a coffee roasting trickery and training lab for a baristas behind Halfwit and Wormhole.

Yelp users are still warming adult to HalfWit Coffee Roasters, that now binds 3 stars on a site.

Yelper Sarah S., who was one of a initial users to revisit HalfWit Coffee Roasters on Jan 5th, wrote: “I had a sugar latte and lovvvved it! It was all sorts of delicious. It’s really sweet, so it’s one of those drinks we can usually have one of, though if it’s any denote of their other offerings, I’m on board.”

Duy N. noted: “Nice new place. Fine service. Good Wifi. Espresso was good. Americano was good. Croissant was buttery.”

HalfWit Coffee Roasters is open daily from 8am-4pm.

Printer’s Row Coffee

2482 N. Lincoln Ave. (between Montana St Altgeld St.), Sheffield DePaul

Photo: Katie H./Yelp

Over in Sheffield DePaul, roastery and coffee emporium Printer’s Row Coffee recently non-stop a doors. The “specialty micro-roasters” comes from dual Ohio locals who initial started as home roasters, afterwards motionless to open their possess tiny roastery.

Taking a name from a Chicago neighborhood, Printer’s Row Coffee Company offers single-origin beans from Brazil, Sumatra, and Papua New Guinea. The cafeteria also serves adult coffee mainstays and pastries.

Printer’s Row Coffee’s stream Yelp rating of 5 stars indicates certain pleasantness from users.

Yelper Katie H., who was one of a initial users to revisit Printer’s Row Coffee on Jan 14th, wrote: “The staff are super kind, friendly, and knowledgeable. we adore a elementary decor, plants, and fibre lights in a window as it creates for a really relaxing environment.”

Printer’s Row Coffee is open daily from 7am-7pm.

Caffe Umbria

2545 W. Armitage Ave. (between Rockwell St Stave St.), Logan Square

Photo: chris r./Yelp

Last month, Caffe Umbria stretched to Logan Square. The roastery also has another plcae in River North.

The new mark outlines a poignant pierce in Chicago for a Seattle-based roastery, as a expanded new space includes a roastery, coffee training lab and a cafe, Eater reports.

Along with specialty drinks and pastries, Caffe Umbria serves coffee mainstays like latte, cortado and cappuccino. Coffee beans are also accessible in bulk for those who cite to take their coffee beans home.

With a four-star Yelp rating, Caffe Umbria has been removing certain attention.

Yelper Chris R., who was one of a initial users to revisit Caffe Umbria on Dec 15th, wrote: “Coffee roasters also includes a full use coffee opposite and a singular seating area for guest who wish to lay and stay. The industrial shipping enclosure feel is cool.”

Jeannie L. said, “Solid. Strong coffee, good baristas, and adore how we feel like you’re among loyal artists roasting beans. we like this place a lot.”

Caffe Umbria is open weekdays from 6:30am-6pm, and weekends from 7:30am-5pm.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters

311 N. Morgan St. (between Montana St Altgeld St.), West Loop

Photo: Jessica v./Yelp

While residents of Chicagoland have been means to find Stumptown coffee around city for years, a Portland-based roastery recently debuted a initial brick-and-mortar mark inside a Ace Hotel. It also outlines a company’s initial cafeteria in a Midwest.

At a new Stumptown Coffee, business can design a full espresso bar with drinks like mochas and lattes. Drip coffee, flow overs, and nitro cold brews are also available.

With a 4.5-star Yelp rating, Stumptown Coffee Roasters has been removing certain attention.

Yelper Emily H., who recently visited Stumptown Coffee Roasters, wrote: “Very splendid space with singular seating inside a coffee shop, though they are connected to a Ace Hotel lobby. There are copiousness of seats for people to hang out and suffer a good coffee.”

And Michael C. said: “Finally! we adore Stumptown in Portland/Seattle and was removing flattering sleepy of a broker roasters that offering it. we wish a genuine deal. I’m blissful that we stopped by on a super cold evening.”

Stumptown Coffee Roasters is open daily from 6:30am-7pm.

Red Beard Coffee Traders

1948 W. North Ave. (between Milwaukee Ave Damen Ave.), Wicker Park

Photo: selena a./Yelp

Red Beard Coffee Traders is a coffee roastery with a concentration on a “farm-to-cup” experience. According to a website, Red Beard works “directly with farmers from all over a universe to broach a top peculiarity specialty coffee.”

The new mark comes pleasantness of Marcus Lemonis, horde of The Profit, who partnered with Steve Sims of Southern California’s Bodhi Leaf Coffee Traders to move Red Beard to life.

In further to carrying roasted and immature (unroasted) beans, a cafeteria has dual coffee bars portion adult drinks like vanilla and lavender latte, cappuccino, and macchiato. Single start coffees and cold brews are also available.

Red Beard Coffee Traders now binds 4 stars on Yelp, indicating good reviews.

Yelper Wesley R., who was one of a initial users to revisit Red Beard Coffee Traders on Nov 15th, said, “Fantastic new space for coffee in a neighborhood. Not usually is a coffee tasty, though we have options for other drinks as well, such as teas, frappes and smoothies. Plus desserts and pastries too!”

And Sara S. wrote: “I systematic a vanilla latte with non-dairy milk. The non-dairy options were flattering standard: almond, soy, and coconut. They have oat milk, though it seemed like a limited-time special. It tasted great!”

Red Beard Coffee Traders is open daily from 6am-9pm.

This $50 Cup of Coffee Is Made From Beans That Have Been Launched Into Space

Pricey dishes customarily announce themselves. The $35 burger during Db Bistro Moderne has foie gras oozing out of a center. The $1,000 Golden Opulence Sundae during Serendipity 3 is arrayed with bullion leaf.

But during Round K cafeteria on New York’s Lower East Side, a crater of Astronaut coffee is unprepossessing. It’s a pour-over that takes a few mins to high and arrives in front of we in a lovely, yet not exceptional, china cup. The inky, brownish-red decoction arrives though decoration, and a crater costs $50.

Double-Digit Coffee

Coffee with large cost tags is apropos some-more common. Eleven Madison Park, voted a best grill in a universe (with a $295 tasting menu) has introduced a $24 coffee service. It’s done from chosen Colombian beans and brewed tableside.

Klatch Coffee Inc. in Southern California recently done sound with a crater of coffee that costs $55. Last year, a spit in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., was a usually U.S. association to measure a collect of awfully singular Esmeralda Geisha Canas Verdes Natural beans, from Panama. An additional evidence can be done for a chocolate-flavored Yemeni beans during adult to $240 per pound.

Round K does not have triple-digit tasting menus or fought-over beans. The miniscule café has a spit in a window, coffee bags for rugs, and My Korean Girlfriend breakfast sandwiches. What creates a Round K Astronaut coffee so pricey is what owners Ockhyeon Byeon does with a beans. He sends them into space.

Sky High

“I wanted to check a effects of windy vigour on coffee,” says Byeon. The thirtysomething, bleached-blond Korea local has a grade in electrical engineering from Konkuk University in Seoul and a tattoo of a molecular structure of caffeine on his right forearm. He started operative during coffee shops in college and became preoccupied by a chemical reactions involved. At Round K, he experiments with shower beans in sea H2O during Long Island’s Rockaways and explores a advantages of cold descent by solidified belligerent coffee and H2O in pressurized containers.

To make his Astronaut coffee, Byeon put one bruise of beans, sourced from a little plantation in Colombia, into a continue balloon and launched it into space from New Jersey. He estimates that it went about 30 miles up, roughly to a mesosphere. He recovered a heavily channel tape-wrapped package about 5 hours later, regulating GPS. When he non-stop a package, Byeon found a beans somewhat solidified and coated with water, a outcome of atmosphere pressure.

I invited coffee consultant Oliver Strand to suffer a crater of Astronaut coffee. (The coffee goes on and off Round K’s menu, formed on Byeon’s roasting schedule. He’s also offered 60-gram packages, good for dual servings, for $50.) Strand has visited roasters and farms around a universe and writes about coffee for such publications as a New York Times. This would be a priciest coffee he’s tasted that he didn’t decoction himself. At home, Strand has prepared Geisha coffee, a comparably pricey aria of Ethiopian beans grown in South America described as carrying records of bergamot and citrus.

There’s been a rush to copycat Geisha in countries such as Brazil. Even if a outcome isn’t amazing, a tag means that farmers—and coffee bars—can double their prices. “Everyone wants Geisha now,” says Strand. When a coffee initial became renouned about a dozen years ago, a biggest buyers were in a United States and Europe. Now a marketplace is biggest in Asia, privately Korea, China, Taiwan, and Japan. Strand says this is partly a Starbucks Corp. effect.

“In America, Starbucks has determined a cost of a crater of coffee during $3 to $5. Some people will compensate more, though it’s tough to pierce distant over that. In China, they provide a $100 crater of coffee as another oppulance good, like a belt or a handbag. They’re not comparing it to another crater of coffee; they’re comparing it to a good steak.” Likewise in Japan, a little bag of beans can be presented as a gift, not distinct a ideal $200 melon.

The Verdict

Strand and we sat during Round K’s six-seat counter, vouchsafing a crater of Astronaut coffee cold so a flavors could come by fully. It was light, unwashed brown, with a soft, fruity scent. The season was sour and suggested licorice, generally soothing compared to Round K’s customary pour-over, that is done from a same (Earthbound) Colombian beans and costs $5.

Strand’s judgment: The coffee isn’t value $50—at slightest to him. “It competence be value $50 to someone else. Value is in a eye of a beholder. You’re profitable for a idea, and it is a flattering crater of coffee,” he tells me. Personally, we elite a egg cappuccino ($6.50), an impossibly rich, fluffy event with a yolk whisked into a prohibited espresso, and a skinny covering of honeyed churned cream and a powdering of sour cocoa. we systematic a second.

5 questions with a owners of Longmont’s Costa Rica Coffee Co.

Click print to enlarge

Longmont integrate Nicole Carrell and Adolfo Castro are mixing family tradition and a common adore of java to launch a new coffee importing operation called Costa Rica Coffee Company.

The pair, both 27, met in Castro’s local Costa Rica while Carrell, who grew adult between Colorado and Washington, was training English as a proffer with a Peace Corps.

Castro’s family — siblings, parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents — has been flourishing coffee in Coast Rica’s Tarrazú segment for 3 generations. So, when a integrate married and came to Colorado about dual years ago they wanted to move a square of a family business with them.

While Carrell and Castro work day jobs — skill government and taxation preparation, respectively — they spend their gangling time coordinating coffee flourishing operations with family members in Costa Rica and acid for clients in a states to buy their beans.

The following talk has been edited for length and clarity.

1. When did we initial start celebration coffee and how critical is your stream coffee habit?

Castro: I’ve been celebration coffee given we was a child — given we was a baby probably.

Carrell: In Costa Rica they start celebration coffee before they can reason a crater themselves. But we indeed usually started celebration coffee about 5 years ago when we initial went to Costa Rica.

Castro: We splash substantially dual cups a day, not too much.

2. What creates Costa Rican coffee unique?

Carrell: There are dual categorical forms of coffee: robusta and arabica. Robusta is a some-more mass-produced, it grows quicker. Arabica is a some-more high-quality type.

Castro: In Costa Rica, we can usually grow arabica.

Carrell: In comparison to other coffees, Costa Rican coffee is sweeter and has a fruitier ambience to it. It’s quite round-bodied.

3. What is rewarding or severe about starting a business with your spouse?

Carrell: When we initial started on a business devise we suspicion a lot about what a particular strengths and weaknesses are. We are still perplexing to figure out how to change all in terms of business and a relationship. I’m new to a whole coffee business, though I’m invested in it since he loves it. Sometimes (I question) if this is something we unequivocally wish to be doing, though we consider about it and of march this is what we wish to be doing.

Castro: we like that she’s involved.

Carrell: we consider we enrich any other well. He has a knowledge with coffee and with accounting and business. I’ve got people skills and sales skills.

Castro: She’s already schooled a lot. I’ve taught her about planting a coffee, flourishing a coffee. It was humorous to see her operative in a coffee plantation, removing mud on her.

Carrell: It’s good to have common goals together that aren’t only personal. It’s good to have a project. We’re best friends, business partners, and spouses.

Castro: One of a biggest hurdles for me was not about a business, it was entrance (to a United States). we left all my family, my friends, my job.

4. What have been some of a biggest adjustments relocating from Costa Rica to Colorado?

Castro: we skip a coffee and a people. The people are all about pura vida. It’s like sitting outward and articulate with neighbors or people we don’t even know.

Carrell: The enlightenment in Costa Rica is unequivocally loose and sociable. It’s a lot like that here, too, so a composition has been a small easier we think.

Castro: The weather. A lot of people consider about a beach when they consider about Costa Rica. But where I’m from it’s in a mountains, so it’s not that prohibited and it’s not that cold. Here it’s cold, it’s unequivocally cold. But we was unequivocally vehement for a snow.

5. What are your expectations for a destiny of Costa Rica Coffee Company?

Castro: This is my dream, so I’m going to do my best to get it to work.

Carrell: Part of putting together a business devise is environment goals and looking into a future. We are anticipating that within a subsequent 3 years one of us — substantially (Castro) — will be means to concentration 100 percent on a business. We’re vehement to be doing this — it’s positively not something we ever illusory I’d be doing.

Until 5 years ago, we hadn’t even unequivocally attempted that most coffee. But we are very, unequivocally ardent about it. Whether we turn a world-renowned association or not, we are only vehement to have some skin in a coffee game. We wish to be means to share both a coffee and a enlightenment of Costa Rica.

Lucas High: 303-684-5310,

Family-owned coffee emporium aims for affordable quality

For Edgar Soria Flores, creation an glorious crater of coffee is an art, an opinion reflected in a name of his business: Coffee Art Company.

“You need to learn about coffee,” he said. “You need to learn about a beans. You need to learn what is a fry indicate that we want.”

Flores non-stop his emporium during Sunrise Mall in August, tucked divided in a still dilemma of a food justice subsequent to Adolios. Flores runs a business with his mother and 3 children. His wife, Ana, a photographer, is also obliged for a art adorning a walls of a shop, that facilities a customary coffee emporium menu with a classics — espresso, cappuccino, latte and mocha — along with a full operation of flavorings, unchanging and sugarine free; divert options that embody almond, coconut and soy; and cold beverages, recipes compliments of Flores’ daughter Anna.

Flores, who prefers a good cappuccino, pronounced that what sets a Coffee Art Company detached is a peculiarity of a beans — Caturra Arabica from Colombia. After contrast 50 varieties from 3 countries, Flores motionless on a Colombian beans, that a emporium uses exclusively. The beans, belligerent in-house, are graded 85 on a customary zero-to-100 scale, he said.

“The limit we would find in a unchanging marketplace is 88,” Flores said. “Above 88, a coffee becomes intensely expensive.”

A crater of “95,” for instance, competence cost we $80 during a specialty coffee emporium in Bogota, Colombia, he said.

But there’s no reason a emporium can’t sell peculiarity coffee during an permitted cost point, given good beans are usually somewhat some-more costly than common beans, he said. Coffee Art Company’s judgment is a peculiarity product during an affordable price, Flores said.

The McAllen proprietor non-stop his initial plcae in Harlingen, during Valle Vista Mall, in Dec 2016. That plcae is particularly take-out, while a Sunrise Mall emporium facilities chairs and tables.

Flores pronounced he started study coffee while vital in Colombia, where he worked in a oil fields. What started as small oddity morphed into a thought of owning his possess shop.

“I was operative in a oil field, yet we lived in a place where a coffee is fantastic, we know? we attempted to learn, so we went to a special schools that they have in Colombia,” he said.

The bottom fell out of a oil marketplace and Flores changed his family changed behind to a Rio GrandeValley. He kept study coffee, though, holding courses in Monterrey, Mexico, and still keeps in hold with his clergyman in Bogotá.

Flores non-stop his Harlingen plcae after being deserted by McAllen’s La Plaza Mall, that wasn’t meddlesome in a new, untested company. He pronounced he’s looking for a right plcae for a third Coffee Art Company. He’d still like to open in McAllen, yet a second Brownsville plcae might occur initial if he finds a right spot, he said.

First, he needs to make certain a initial dual locations are on plain footing, Flores said. He still works in a oil fields, now in Chile, and eventually wants to rise a association as a authorization and mangle into a mega-markets.

Meanwhile, Flores’ Sunrise Mall emporium is usually building a patron base, and many of those who ambience Coffee Art Company coffee come back, he said.

“It’s entrance up,” Flores said. “Still, a lot of people, they don’t know we are here.”

This NJ coffee sequence has built a constant fanbase. Now it wants into your kitchen.

Caffeine fanatics in New Jersey, get ready.

Rook Coffee Roasters has announced large skeleton for New Jersey in 2018, opening a initial store outward Monmouth County and anticipating to land on grocery store shelves opposite a state.

The coffee shop is debuting it’s initial store outward Monmouth County in a summer, rising a 12th store, in Point Pleasant Borough, it announced on Facebook.

The roaster will be holding over a Dunkin’ Donuts on in Bridge Plaza on Bridge Avenue.

“We’re so excited, it’s a large one. When we get to 10 stores, it feels special,” said co-founder Holly Migliaccio. “But a 12th being outward of Monmouth, withdrawal what we would cruise a roots, it feels bigger.” 

The preference comes after going by a hundreds of requests for new locations, anticipating direct for a Point Pleasant plcae was “tremendous,” she said. 

Rook Coffee named on ‘Coffee Shops to Visit Before You Die’ list

“When we accept that direct and we’re means to perform that want, it creates us feel so good to make people happy,” she said. 

This will be a second plcae Rook will open in 2018, with a Freehold store underneath construction set to open in April. But a coffee emporium has some-more in a works. 

But before looking for a 13th location, Migliaccio and co-founder Shawn Kingsley are operative to get their coffee in grocery stores. 

“We can get a coffee on a shelves and give everybody entrance to it and accommodate that demand,” Migliaccio said.

Known for a hipster vibes, clever coffee and signature black bluster logo, Rook Coffee Roasters was founded in 2010, and fast amassed a following of millennials and coffee connoisseurs. 

Those who were previously traveling miles to get their Rook Coffee are overjoyed a coffee residence is expanding. 

Sophie Nieto-Munoz might be reached during Follow her during @snietomunoz. Find on Facebook.

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