Aging rum, sure, though coffee beans? It’s a thing and Corner Perk is doing it

Corner Perk owner, Josh Cooke, pronounced he was only as confused as a subsequent when he initial listened about a use of aging coffee beans.

“I was like because would we age coffee,” Cooke said. “The whole indicate of coffee is carrying it fresh?”

With some-more research, Cooke schooled that immature beans can be stored for some time, if finished properly. It is after a beans are roasted that they should be used within a integrate weeks, he said.

Corner Perk, located in Old Town Bluffton, will start offered their initial collection of aged coffee for a singular time starting subsequent week, Cooke said.

About dual months ago Cooke sent 120 pounds of coffee beans to Dafuskie Island Rum Company. A Woodford Reserve double ash scotch tub was emptied of a rum and a coffee beans went in.

Cooke pronounced a coffee beans soak adult a rum left in a barrel. He pronounced all a ethanol calm is burnt adult during a roasting routine though a season remains.

The tub was non-stop on Thursday and a beans roasted for a initial time on Saturday, Cooke said.

Heather Watson, a Corner Perk roaster, pronounced she was “pleasantly surprised” with her fist sip of a coffee.

“I have tasted aged coffee before and it tasted like holding a shot,” Watson said. “I suspicion we were going to have to mix it with something else though we felt like we was sitting on a beach in a hammock after celebration this.”

Instead of a clever rum season a coffee has a slight aftertaste, Watson said.

“It is like a rum cake where we get only a small bit of ambience and aroma,” Watson said.

The coffee binds a middle physique with an roughly coconut flavor, Watson said.

Those wanting to try a coffee for themselves can do so starting Tuesday, Cooke said. He pronounced 12 unit bags of a coffee will be sole for $19.