I Hate Coffee, So we Tried To Become Addicted To It In One Week

Here are my 5 large takeaways:

1) Caffeine affects opposite people in opposite ways. Personally, it done me totally bonkers. I’m a flattering high-energy chairman though coffee, and caffeine only sent me over a edge. Maybe we should have attempted decaf?

2) Coffee-flavored snacks are flattering good. Except for coffee yogurt, that should stop to exist immediately, appreciate you.

3) we indeed favourite a ambience of coffee some-more than we suspicion we would. we had a few drinks we unequivocally liked, and that astounded me. Maybe observant “I hatred coffee” was too broad. Coffee can be a garland of opposite things!

4) Coffee is EXPENSIVE!!! we was propitious that BuzzFeed paid for my drinks this week, but, damn…those five-dollar lattes unequivocally supplement up.

5) At a finish of a day, we like what we like. If you’re a coffee addict, live your truth!!! we guarantee we still adore you, even if we consider you’re a beast sometimes.