There are reasons to hatred Keurig, and they have zero to do with politics

Political events in a final few days have brought a spotlight around to Keurig coffee. We’re talking, of course, about Keurig’s preference to lift a commercials from Sean Hannity’s Fox News uncover after Hannity shielded Roy Moore, a Republican claimant for U.S. Senate from Alabama, opposite allegations that Moore pursued regretful relations with underage girls 40 years ago.

As my co-worker Stephen Battaglio reports, Keurig’s pierce annoyed Hannity fans to ostentatiously destroy their machines, that cost $100 or more. They’ve been posting videos on amicable media display them tossing a inclination from their balconies, etc., etc.

Hannity speedy a protests, tweeting, “Deplorable friends, we am shopping 500 coffee makers tomorrow to give away!! Details on radio and TV. Hint; best videos!!” Hannity after corroborated off, after Keurig pronounced that a promotion preference wasn’t meant to paint a domestic stand.

But a law is that many coffee lovers trust Keurig and identical one-cup coffee pod machines should be eradicated from a face of a Earth for a opposite reason: They make terrible coffee. I’ve motionless to post my possess archived mainstay on a topic, initial published Mar 19, 2014, underneath a headline: “Painfully common coffee — for usually $50 a pound!