What’s a best reason to go to Pour, Charlotte’s initial coffee festival?

Why should we give adult a integrate of Saturday hours and $10 to go to Pour, Charlotte’s initial specialty coffee festival, on Mar 3 during Unknown Brewing?

Sure, we can exam dozens of coffees from around a world, and we can get your coffee geek on with things like a “Flavor Wheel Exploration Room.” But when we asked a co-organizer, Diana Mnatsakanyan-Sapp of Undercurrent Coffee, because we should go, she had a unsentimental answer:

“You can speak to your coffee spit when there isn’t a line of under-caffeinated people behind you.”

You know what she means: You’re drumming your feet on your morning coffee stop, already confronting a wait for that pour-over, and some coffee newbie forward of we wants to know a disproportion between middle and dim fry or because Somali is improved (or not) than Costa Rican.

Never skip a internal story.

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At Pour, a coffee pros will indeed have time to give we an answer, and uncover we a difference.

“You competence go to Summit (Coffee) and like something improved than something else, though we don’t know why,” she says. “The spit will be there to explain it.”

While there will be a lot of coffee pros there, she said, there will be a lot of things for a regular-joe Joe’s.

“This is geared toward a normal coffee consumer,” she says. “If we ambience 6 wines or beers, we can know a differences. This is like that, with a lot of analogous tasting.”

Note this, too: Pour creatively was designed for a eventuality space during Suffolk Punch, though that plcae wasn’t ready. So now Pour will be hold from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Mar 3 during Unknown Brewing, 1327 S. Mint St.

Tickets are on sale now here. If we hurry, your $10 sheet will also get we a swag bag with freebies and a tasting mug.

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