Anthology Coffee Plots Move to Bigger Cafe Space in Eastern Market

As Corktown nonprofit Ponyride prepares to relocate to Holden Street nearby New Center, in-house cafeteria and spit Anthology Coffee is readying for a pierce of a own. Owner Josh Longsdorf tells Eater that a buildout is underway on 2,900-square-foot emporium during 1948 Division Street in Eastern Market.

Longsdorf says a cafeteria will have some-more dedicated space for roasting and prolongation with seating for some-more than 42 patrons. The blueprint is designed to accommodate what he describes as dual forms of coffee emporium drinkers — those that are looking to sip coffee while operative and those looking regulating a space to suffer coffee and socialize.

The front seating area, that facilities 3 garage doors will be some-more dedicated to people entrance to work on computers with a 18-foot-long walkup coffee bar with mixed stations for baristas. A second area over to a behind of a space will offer some-more of a full-service knowledge that’s “catered to people that only wish to suffer coffee,” he says, with list use and specialty drinks. It will underline a second 18-foot-long bar with 14 bar seats and 14 some-more seats during two-top tables.

The shop, that Anthology is conceptualizing essentially in-house, will have a a minimalist white interior. In a warmer months, business can also demeanour brazen to an outside square area.

Anthology non-stop on a belligerent building of Ponyride in 2012 and has served as a arrange of spontaneous “concierge” and workspace for people in a building. “Ponyride has been a unequivocally good place to start on a sell end,” Longsdorf says. With a pierce to a some-more coffee-centered space, Longsdorf is looking brazen to building stronger connectors with business and flourishing partnerships with other businesses in a community. “Being means to concentration on ourselves and not have to worry about all else will assistance us build relations with a clientele,” he says.

Longsdorf, who sealed a minute of vigilant on a space early final year, says construction on a space is underway with severe plumbing finished and some of a walls in. The cabinetry has also already been manufactured. However, a timeline for a relocation is still uncertain. Stay tuned for some-more updates as a plan moves forward.

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