New coffee emporium to open shortly downtown

Robert Cox has been to a lot of places and seen a lot of cold things – and he and Jeramie Dodd wish to share them with Kokomo.


Jeramie Dodd and Robert Cox are a owners of a new downtown hangout called a MO Joe Coffee Co. during 106 North Main St. Tim Bath | Kokomo Tribune

Tim Bath

Cox and Dodd are opening a new coffee emporium in downtown Kokomo called MO Joe Coffee Co., located during 106 N. Main St. They wish for a grand opening during a initial Friday in May, and a soothing opening someday before that.

The interior of a new mark is striking, with vintage-, rustic- and steam punk-inspired décor on a walls, most of it entrance from Cox’s residence where he’s finished a lot of a lead decorations on his own.

While operative abroad in Dubai and Afghanistan, where he lerned law enforcement, Cox pronounced he fell in adore with a European coffee scene. He described a stage as one reduction centered on a commercialism that’s so prevalent in sequence American cafés, and some-more focused on decrease – or a place that we can seat down get some work done.

“It’s only a vibe that we fell into when we was overseas,” he said. “A really common thing via Europe and via a Middle East are a coffee houses and a coffee lounges where we can go and only informally do a lot of work.”

Other decorations and visuals set adult in a emporium are desirous by things Cox pronounced he’s seen or gifted while travelling.

Dodd, a coffee enthusiast, pronounced he’s had a thought for a coffee residence for a while and brought Cox aboard. Since then, they’ve been watchful for a right plcae to open up.


The MO Joe Coffee Co. will open in early May. It is during 106 North Main St. in Kokomo. Tim Bath | Kokomo Tribune

Tim Bath

During an talk with a Tribune, in a not-quite-complete spot, Cox and Dodd pronounced they trustworthy “coffee shop” to a business’s moniker rather than “café” since it improved captures a vibe they’re hunting. They wish it to be gentle – with gentle colors, appealing nonetheless weird design on a walls and gentle furniture.

Since starting work on a plcae in February, they’ve ripped out walls in a long, slight building to make it feel as open as possible.

Cox combined a lot of a ideas and a work came from students during a Kokomo Area Career Center – an classification in that he’s concerned – and he’s blissful to have supposing them some knowledge outward a classroom.

“It’s one thing to make something in a classroom, though to get out of a classroom and see it used in real-life application, they can take honour in that,” he said.

“Gives them a small bit of ownership.”

That could be seen as an suitable partnership, since Dodd and Cox, both relatives to teenagers, pronounced they wish a emporium is a renouned mark for a under-21 crowd. Business hours will widen into a early morning on Fridays and Saturdays and into a after dusk on a other weekdays – giving people who aren’t aged adequate or meddlesome in a bar stage an choice if they’re looking to stay out late.

Along with a coffee drinks, finished with beans from a Lafayette-based Copper Moon Coffee, Dodd and Cox pronounced they’ll be charity breakfast equipment like waffles and a cereal bar; and food equipment like Panini sandwiches, soup and salad. Other drinks will embody fruit smoothies, protein shakes and more.

MO Joe Coffee Co. is on Facebook, where a owners will be posting updates on their arriving opening.

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