Coffee Beer: Best Of Both Brews By St. Boniface Brewing

St. Boniface Best of Both Brews Coffee IPA Square One

Best of Both Brews, Kenya Rioki. (7% ABV)
St. Boniface Brewing, Ephrata, PA
Coffee IPA
Tall cans with singular PA distribution

St. Boniface started as a business devise in 2010 and non-stop for business in a tiny Pennsylvania city of Ephrata in Feb 2011. An hour divided from Philadelphia, Ephrata has about 14,000 residents that call it home and is a precinct of Lancaster County, obvious as one of a largest Amish and Mennonite communities in a world. It’s a abounding tiny city with a vast eremite story and is also now home to one of a best breweries in PA.

Just 30 mins divided in Lancaster, PA, you’ll find another qualification workman excelling during what they do: roasting and portion coffee. Jess and Josh Steffy started Square One Coffee in 2007, and have turn one of a best coffee roasters in a country. we can indeed find their coffee here in Atlanta during The Fresh Market. A mixed Good Food Awards winner, they’re also active members in a barista foe circuit, and Jess is a approved decider and protected Q Grader. Jess was on a cover of Barista Magazine behind in a tumble of 2014, and she’s a personality in a review around women’s equivalence in a coffee community. Square One now maintains locations in both Lancaster and Philadelphia.

St. Boniface Best of Both Brews Coffee IPA Square One

In 2016, St. Boniface and Square One assimilated army on a initial chronicle of their “Best of Both Brews” Coffee IPA. Square One’s Director of Education Hadassah Wilson is a drink fan and had been meddlesome in collaborating on a coffee IPA with a brewery for a whole time she’s been during SQ1. “I was unequivocally anticipating to work with a brewery that she reputable and felt was producing offset and juicy beers,” Wilson tells me. “I became a fan of St. Boniface about dual years ago, that stirred me to email them and discuss my thought of a partnership between them and Square One. They concluded to accommodate with me and hear my pitch. As shortly as we explained a season form we was anticipating to furnish between a dual really heated flavors of coffee and beer, they were prepared to speak logistics.”

The strange chronicle of this drink used Square One’s Ethiopia Guji, and warranted an normal measure on renouned drink rating app Untappd of 4.1 out of 5 caps. The new chronicle uses a roaster’s Kenya Rioki coffee and came out progressing this summer to identical soap-box reviews. On a switch to a Kenyan coffee, Jess Steffy tells me that a Kenya Rioki offers “a pleasing change of sweetness, acidity, and a formidable bitterness,” along with mill fruit records that play good with hops. But there’s an combined dimension to this choice: Square One sponsors internal non-profit Horizon, who works to commission orphaned children in Kenya, and this was an event to prominence a classification by operative with a juicy Kenyan coffee.

St. Boniface Best of Both Brews Coffee IPA Square One

Upon opening a can, we get a detonate of uninformed hops, and it pours a golden brownish-red with a good thick head. The aroma is roughly floral and sweet. This is a purify IPA with a lot of benevolence and low bitterness. The coffee season comes in on a backend and has records of honeyed fruit and berries. The genuine MVP of this drink is a balance, all about this drink is in ideal harmony, from a hops to a malts to a coffee added.

This drink was juicy all a approach to a end, and one of a best coffee IPAs I’ve ever had. It’s a genuine covenant to what can occur when qualification breweries work hand-in-hand with coffee roasteries to grasp something outward of a “smoky, charred coffee” ambience so many breweries are happy to precedence in their coffee beers. Coffee beers don’t have to be dim and smoky: they can also be purify and sweet, and this drink proves that indicate really well. Seek this drink out if you’re in a area or can trade for it.

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